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Unable to communicate with Anritsu ML2437A Power Meter

Hi all,


I am at my wits end with this.

I have a Anritsu ML2437A Power meter which I have connected to my laptop via a GPIB to Ethernet Adapter, however I am unable to connect to it in any way shape or form.


Things I have tried include, different ethernet cable, different PC, installing Drivers, Firmware, their own PowerSuite Software, Labview Drivers, Labview Firmware, GPIB-Ethernet Firmware, using NI-MAX, and the list goes on.


It is a direct connection from the laptop to the Power Meter, I have read the User Guides, the Programmers Guides and have tried to find any solution to this that I can find. But nothing is working.


I know the Power meter works because I can connect it to some other hardware and it runs fine.


Honestly if anyone has any ideas then please share, even just some code I can type into the CMD window just to prove that it's there would help.


Many thanks

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