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Is there a way to scan all NI cards around the network?

Hi there,


I would rather post this to some NI-MAX forum if one is there.


I want to query complete list of NI cards, PXIs etc with some top level details of it like serial number, card number etc whichever is connected in the same network.  Is there any tools as such?  The PXIs, cards, PCIe cards all we have keeps moving around the company and we need to monitor/track them from any PC/PXI.




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Hi Ajay,


I believe SystemLink comes with such a feature.


Alternative way would be to pass IP of each system on network to NI Sys Config API and then list the software and hardware configured on each.

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I agree with Santo.


The SystemLink Asset Module is designed to help keep track of your test equipment assets and will automatically track all of your NI and 3rd party VISA instruments that are connected to any system (Windows 10 or NI Linux RT) that has the SystemLink Client installed and is connected to a SystemLink Server. You can also add custom 3rd party assets as shown below. 


For more information check out


Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 7.48.43 AM.png



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