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what is visa function viVxiServantResponse?


I have a 'visa filter' dll which basically intercepts calls to visa and then passes them on to the actual visa dll with some simple pre and post processing on each call. The filter visa is called visa32.dll and sits in windows/system32, dynamically loads the actual visa (e.g. ni-visa), and then passes calls made to it onto the loaded visa.

This has been running fine on a special applications running on some older VXI test stations. These stations where recently upgraded to the lastest ni-visa/ni-vxi software. My problem is that version 3.3.1 of ni-vxi is calling a visa funciton at ordinal 255; the visa spec does not specify any function with this index. A dump of the export table reveals the function's name as 'viVxiServantResponse', an apparently out-of-spec undocumented visa function. I have searched through the documentation and can find no reference to this function.

Is there any information on this function available? All I need is the prototype so that I can pass the arguments along in the call to ni-visa.

Any help would be appreciated.

TR Livesey
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You can see the prototype in the file visa.h which is located at C:\VXIPNP\WinNT\include. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Egg on my face: I must have done a typo when doing my search. Thank you.
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