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using Labview to get data from the agilent 4156C

Hi everyone,

I am a total Labview novice.  I am trying to run an agilnet 4156C and have started having huge problems with the disk drive not saving the data reliably.  I have managed to get a connection from GPIB and a pc with Labview, but have no idea where to start to save the data.  I know that there is a plug and play 4156C driver (which I have downloaded), however, it is not clear to a new user how to save data or to run the system through labview rather than the front panel.  I know I will have to put some time and effort into this, but if anyone has any quick solutions to pick up the data after running from the front panel that would be a huge help. 


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Hi novp,


I'm not familiar with this particular driver. It looks like this driver is made by Agilent (Notice there is a "no" designation next to NI Support...I've found a discussion forum post on this issue. It looks like you can find the programmer's user's manual from the manufacturer's website. I would strongly recommend looking through these supporting material.


Since you are new to LabVIEW, I would also suggest looking at VISA and Serial communication examples. You can locate the examples by clicking on Help > Find Example > Hardware input and output. The GPIB and Serial folders are located in this folder. As far as saving data is concerned, in VISA there is a function called VISA Read to File that saves data.


I hope this helps.


Josh L.

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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