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thermotron 2800 vi or llb

Does anyone have a vi or library already built that will run the thermotron 2800 though gpib?
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You should check the Instrument Driver Network which lists a CVI driver for it. The driver page actually is a link to Thermotron's web site which has a LabVIEW and IVI driver.
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I installed that program and it doesn't work.  When you open Measurement & Automation, is the thermotron supposed to show up as one of the instruments under GPIB?

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If you right click on your GPIB card under Devices and Interfaces and do a scan for instruments, if it's connected and configured correctly, it should show up. The driver has nothing to do with this. If it appears but with a note saying that it did not respond to the *IDN? query, that may be because it doesn't support the command. If it fails to show up at all, then there is something wrong. It could be the cable, the GPIB controller, or the Thermotron. If you have another GPIB instrument to connect in it's place, you could run the scan to see if it works with that.
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