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telnet03 = InetTelnetOpen ("", 23, 0);


To Whom It May Concern,


Telnet works fine but, I get the following error when running the following function: telnet03 = InetTelnetOpen ("", 23, 0);


NON-FATAL RUN-TIME ERROR:   "Gateway.c", line 448, col 24, thread id 0x000011AC:   Function InetTelnetOpen: (return value == -22 [0xffffffea]). Cannot connect to telnet server.


If I rerun the function it works fine,"telnet03 = InetTelnetOpen ("", 23, 0);"


Then some times the following function locks up "result = InetTelnetRead (telnet03, telnet_read_buffer, bytes_read, &bytes_read2, 250000);"



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Hi chinook1,


Are you using this in conjunction with CVI? Is there an error number associated with the error?

Can you please also try accessing the example finder by navigating to Help»Find Examples. The Telnet example can be found under Networking»Internet & Web. Are you able to connect and correctly send long commads and receive data using this example program? You should also ensure all of your serial configuration settings are set up properly on both ends. This includes  the baud rate, but the data bits, parity, stop bits, and flow control as well. 


Hope this helps.

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Sorry for the long delay.


Found out that the board(unit under test) was causing this issue. Customer firmware was causing the Telnet communication lockup.


The board was stuck in a loop updating its flash memory.


I will check the example to see it has some error trapping.






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