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source current and measure voltage simultaneously using keithiley 2400 source meter.


i am new to lab view, i am trying to make a progarm to source current of desired range and measure voltage using keithiley 2400 source meter and plot its VI characterstics. i found an example on NI's site in which current is sourced by ke2400 and voltage measured by 2182 nano voltmeter. i tried to modify this program and used it acc to my requirement but it is showing generic i/o error GBIB ERROR CODE 6. can any one help me to fix this problem?? 

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You forget that in LabVIEW the order of execution is determined by the dataflow (wires)

You are now not sure when both cmds are written and the read actually starts.

I slightly modified your vi but did not check the commands themselves.

have a look

greetings from the Netherlands
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The example that comes with the 2400 driver on NI's site does not look anything at all what you have posted. Why aren't you using that?

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I'm currently using the Keithley 2400 without a problem, but I'm using the Labview Library for the device.

I'm currently used the library/driver that I downloaded from


There there are similar/older drivers on the Keithley website:


If you wire the error terminals in your example, that should help to isolate where the problem is with your code.  The first things that comes to mind is that you don't allow any time between your GPIB Writes by checking  the status.  Also, the command syntax in is unfamilar to me  sourc:curr0.001000\noutp on is atypical in my experience.


I'd download and run the example from the site.  That should get you going.  The only problem I've had with this driver is that it has limited functionality (doesn't have any sweep operations), and it not optimized for speed, but I've had no problem with setting up current source and then monitoring current, voltage and resistance at an update rate of 2 Hz (500ms period).


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Can you tell what should be the command for sourcing current of range -1mA TO +1mA. in steps of 0.1mA??

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Your error is of command-syntactical nature. Keithel 2400 follows both: ieee 488.1 as well as scpi gpib protocols. If you have chosen the later, you must remember that while concatenating commands, each new command (other than than the top most one wired) must be prefixed with a colon[:]. Also commands that are querries must be followed by question marks while commands that have a set function need not. Some commands can do both. Either ways, you have to be careful of the syntax.You can go to the link and download all the specifications. Further I think, the scaling you want to do would be set in Keithel 2400. 
Vinayak Singh

Application Engineer 

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i think that the successive queries of gpib write should be given in saperate flat sequence with some delay.... but i m not getting what exactly has to be done... i mean an instruction of gpib write for sourcing current has to be given and just after that the command for measuring the voltage has to be given... how much delay should be there between these two commands... more over the cocatenated string i am using sour:curr0.001000\n outp on gpib write is this in correct format???

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Why use a flat sequence, dataflow order is determined by wires.

Normally the error IO wires take care of the order

greetings from the Netherlands
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