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rs232 cable set up



I am very new to LabView and very bad at it. 

Long story short I am trying to connect a pump to labview via a RS232 cable so i can create a basic control of the pump. However, I am running into problems right away with the serial connection. I've installed NI-VISA and have used MAX to detect ports, but I think this is only detecting ports on the monitor and not the desktop since it only automatically detects one port listed as ASRL1:INSTR"COM1". This is a problem because the RS232 input I want to use is on the desktop. Am I doing something completely wrong? please help I am going insane. Thank you

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This has nothing to do with LabVIEW.


Does your PC have an actual RS232 port or are you using a USB-RS232 adapter?

If you are using the latter, you should see it in Device Manager.

Post a screen capture of the Device Manager.



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