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receiving serial commands from microcontroller to serial port of PC with LabVIEW


Hi all,


I am developing an application where i need to interface serial port of PC with Labview and a microcontroller. I need to receive and transmit serial commands to microcontroller in a packet format(The packet of 5 bytes that includes header, data length, id, data and checksum). 


I have successfully tested the VISA serial read vi and serial write vi for Tx and Rx 1 byte data , but have no idea of handling packet format where i also need to validate the  packet data received. 


Kindly provide me any suggestions.


with regards,


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You've got the first step. As you receive each single byte, see if it's the header. Once the header is found, read 4 bytes. After that, you are synched and each read would be 5 bytes. The string to bye array function would then be used and you can index any element you want.
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