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"IVI simulation class driver" does not appear in "Simulate With" option of Driver Session

Hi All,


I've developp a custom IVI class driver name "clsStaticAO", and from this class I've created 2 specific drivers which works really fine. I just want to create a simulated class driver for my class "clsStaticAO".

I followed the instructions localted here:


Now, My simulated classe driver appears under the category "Simulation Driver Software Module". Unfortunatly when I want to create a new "session driver" and make it to point on my simulated driver ("Simulate With" option), my simulated class driver does not appears.


The screen shot attached to this question, will show the details of what is missing?


Thanks for you answer.




Raphael T
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Your screenshot doesn't show if you have created your Simulation Driver Session. You can create it by following these steps:


  • Create a Simulation Driver Session. Browse to the Simulation Driver Sessions node. Right-click and select Create New from the context menu. Rename the driver session (e.g. simscope).
  • On the General tab, select simscope for the value of the Simulation Driver Software Module drop-down list.


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