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python support for different PXIe boards

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I have two questions.

1) Which board is appropriate for directing python questions?  I can't tell from the selections available.

2) Our PXIe system has the following boards in it, and I have listed what I think is the correct PyPI package supporting that board next to it:

* PXI-6738 Analog Out <--> nidaqmx

* PXIe-5413 Signal Generator <--> nifgen

* PXI-2532B Cross-point switch <--> niswitch

* PXI-6509 Digital I/O <--> nidaqmx

* PXI-4065 DMM <--> nidmm

* PXIe-5105 Scope <--> niscope

* PXIe-2575 Mux <--> niswitch


Are these the correct python packages?  The nidaqmx package seems to be a separate development effort from teh rest of the packages and I'm wondering if they are all compatible to run together as a system.


Thank you



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Each driver comes with a readme file that can be accessed online. On that file there will be a list of supported hardware. 



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Thank you for the response -- but where online?  PyPi?  Github?  the NI site?   I'm not finding it.


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The NI website, for example, for DAQmx you can find it here:


According to some of the modules that you mention, if you look at the Python NI website, it needs to have the regular driver installed:


I checked on the scope module at it says the same thing

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Thanks again, sorry, still not getting to a list of supported hardware.  


The first link sends me to a driver download, not a list of supported hardware.  That driver has already been downloaded and installed.

The second link is the PyPi docs for pydaqmx, and i still don't see a list of supported hardware.  Sorry, I may just be missing the list somewhere.


I've currently got python programs running that look like I'm talking to all the boards in our system using the modules in the original listing.  But it looks like there is some overlap between nidaqmx-python and the nimi-python code bases.  I'm just trying to find out if I'm using the 'NI-preferred' code base for my system.


Thanks again.

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I missed the 'View Readme' link on the first link (NI-DAQmx download).   There does seem to be a list of hardware there, but I'm still missing how this maps to the python modules in nimi-python.



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Accepted by topic author iamhuzhe
06-14-2019 11:02 AM

All right, it looks like you can get nidaqmx supported devices from the readme link here:


The following nimi-python modules have a 'supported_instrument_models' member:

* niswitch

* nidmm

* nidcpower

* niscope

* nifgen


And I guess you use a mixture of nidaqmx-python and nimi-python modules to get everything to talk to each other.




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