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problem whit initializing and updating the PCI-7354


I have a pci 7354 motion controller, connected to tribometer nanovea, when i wanted to initialize it and update it, i have had errors i can't solve them.

here is some pictures to help you understand my problem.


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Hi Amine,


This should be posted on the Motion support forums, so that you can receive the best support.


Please re-post this issue there (or maybe one of the moderators can move it for us), and post a link to the new thread here.


I have a few questions for you:

  • Has this device been working in the past?
  • Did this start occurring after you tried upgrading the software?
  • Can you try installing a previous version of NI-Motion and downgrading the device firmware?


Again, please post the responses to the above questions in the new thread, and link it here.




Michael Whitten
Staff Applications Engineer | RF & Wireless
National Instruments
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hi Michael

to answer your questions :

  • yes, this device has been working in the past.
  • the problem occurred after an unplanned shutdown of the computer.
  • no, as you see in the picture there are x red on the firmware.

best regards.

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Hello Amine,


Just to echo what Michael said, this question might be better fit for the motion discussion forums as there are more people that have motion insight there and we could get to a quicker resolution. 


Have you tried this card in a different PCI slot on your computer? Have you tried this board on another computer with the same software? This error probably means there is some hardware issue but it doesn't mean that it is the board that is the problem. Switching computers might give us some insight into what hardware component is having the trouble. 


Also copied and moved this discussion to this post below:

John H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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