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pcie-gpib error

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Sorry for  my previous empty message! It seems that there is a problem with my Opera browser and this forum.

So, I'm newbie in GPIB INstrument control. I just purchased a PCIe_GPIB board and I intent to communicate with a instrument. I installed all corectly but it semms that there is a problem and I really don't know where. First: in Measurement and Instrument Explorer I have this card listed: GPIB0(NI PCIe-GPIB). When I launch GPIB analyzer i get this error: Missing Card Error!

With Interactive Control and step-by-step instructions from GPIB Installation/Configuration Troubleshooter ( I get this error at ibln command: EBUS and Listen: False. But the device is powered on and i choose the correct primary addres to communicate with.

What did I do wrong???

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The gpib analyzer is a set of extra chips on the card that is only needed for very advanced gpib timing questions.

Try to search for instruments in the measurement and automation explorer instead and it should mention more than only the pc itself.

try to communicate with a driver in LabVIEW from the NI driver site.


greetings from the Netherlands
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Well, of course i try to search for instrument...Result it's obvious: "No instruments found". There are no drivers yet for this kind of instruments.... I have some C code examples both GPIB and RS232. The driver can be created, later, I think. For now I want to know where am I doing wrong and why this simple communications commands don't work...or is a defective hardware somewhere in the instrument or in my PCIe-GPIB board?
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Probably a problem with the instrument.

What kind of instrument is it?

greetings from the Netherlands
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Well, it is a Multichannel SQUID Controller from Tristan Technologies, iMC-303 iMAG,
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So the gpib address of the instrument is 1.

Do you have LabVIEW?

greetings from the Netherlands
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No, GPIB Address of the instrument is 15, I can modify this address from instrument menu. Yes, I have Labview, full 8.6! Forget about instrument, still didn't get the answer why I get the error " Missing Card Error" when I launch GPIB Analyzer...

Message Edited by John_UMF on 09-24-2008 09:50 AM
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Hello John_UMF,


The missing card popup that you receive is simply informing you that you do not have an analyzer card installed.  Only the PCI-GPIB+ and PCMCIA-GPIB+ cards are analyzers (the + at the end means analyzer).  You can use the GPIB Analyzer software to open capture files, but you will not be able to use it to capture the low level GPIB lines transitioning.


When you get a analyzer card, you will be able to use the full functionality of the GPIB Analyzer software and the popup will no longer appear.


I hope this helps,

Steven T.

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That's the answer I'm looking for! I didn't know that this function actually works with another card. The measurement and automation expolrer software should detect this cards and if there isn't it should gray the menu or make invisible, or do something or whatever, so other stupid people like me don't worry so much and think that their cards are broken!!! Right?

Thank you all for help!
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