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Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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no data trace is read

Hello all,


i have a problem when i execute the following command to my oscilloscope:


GPIB.transmit("MLA TALK 1 DATA ':TRACe:DATA?' ", status)

GPIB.rarray(data, 2048, l , status)


am communicating with the device using the command "TRACe:DATA? " which enable me to read binary data from the oscilloscope and i found this command in my oscilloscope manual.


the functions transmit and rarray are functions that my PCI CEC488 GPIB board use. The transmit addresses the device with a gpib address of 1 to be a talker and sent it the command, then rarray must read the trace and save it in the data variable which is an array of double, 2048 is the length i want to receive and l is the length that i actually receive, and status shows if the command went ok or not.


and in my case i get a status of 0 which means every thing is ok but i receive 0 data ( l = 0) so can any one help ????????



please help.


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I don't see a gpibaddress of the scope in your coding.

Maybe that is the problem.

greetings from the Netherlands
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