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multiple SPI device on myRIO


multiple SPI device on myRIO


I need to acquire 2 PT1000 and 2 Resistance with myRIO for my application.

In order to achive a good measurements I thinked to implement a 4 wire measurements for the PT1000, and the resistance trought a MAX31865 device.

The MAX31865 has a SPI interface, so my question is how can connect 4(or more) SPI devices to myRIO?

Infact myRIO has only 2 SPI( one for the A MXP and one for the B MXP).

Can you show me an example of code to manage this four devices?




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Rif.: multiple SPI device on myRIO

Hello David15,

myRIO device has an integrated FPGA chip so you can implement multiple SPI communication.

You can use the following API, downloadable from VI Package Manager:

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Rif.: multiple SPI device on myRIO

Hi Lamber,


I already found and installed the API you mentioned in your post, but I have a broken VI also if I deselect mass Mass Compile VIs After Package Installation checkbox.

And I don't understand how to manage 4 different Cs.

Can the multiple SPI devices be acquire simultaneuslly?Or should I select the CS alternately?


may I manage multiple SPI devices without FPGA programming??





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