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ks34465a unable to use IVI driver: Primary Error: (Hex 0xBFFA0011) Function or method not supported.

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Hello Experts,


I have a new ks34465 dmm and I am trying to use it as IVI DMM. Everything is configured in NI-MAX similarly to normally functioning ks34410 dmm. 

When I create a simple vi and try initializing ks34465 it returns an error: Primary Error: (Hex 0xBFFA0011) Function or method not supported.


Am I missing something in NI-MAX configuration?

I installed ks34465 IVI Driver from NI Instrument driver network. I can see ag34465a driver session in NI-MAX. 


Thank you for your advice.



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Hello Experts,

I figured this issue out and have step by step instruction on how to connect KS34465A DMM. Works with both GPIB or USB connection to the PC. If someone have similar issue, please reach out and I should be able to guide you.



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