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keithley 2400 connection issue even output off

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keithley 2400 source meter is used to charge a capacitor in the lab controlled by a labview programme. But as soon as the charging process is finished (programme ending at the same time) and the front panel of keithley shows "output off", the capacitor starts to discharge automatically, indicated by other in-operando measurement (a spectrometer). this means the capacitor is short connected via keithley 2400 source meter although output is turned off controlled by the programme. In my opinion, the source meter works as a short circuit before disconnecting the capacitor from it. Am I right?

if so, is it possible to disconnect the capacitor through programming (adding functions at the end of programme) instead of directly remove it to avoid automatically discharging?

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There are different settings for the off-state of the 2400 SMU's.  It may be that the output state is currently set for "ZERO" which is a low impedance connection (Essentially a short) between Supply+ and Supply-.  First run the SCPI query, then set the state to the high impedance with the following:

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