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instrument Agilent66000 control problem

Hi ,
     I previously downloaded a VI from NI website to control the power supply hp6610x. With the help of this VI, I do can set the voltage of the power supply, however when connected to the load(our test board),it automatically converted to the CC output.
    I think the root cause is we should set voltage as well as current in the first configuration.
    As we know R(L)=Voltage setting/Current setting, if R(L)<Voltage setting/Current setting, the power supply work in CC mode.
    So is there any can extend the help to me to modify this vi to enable current setting.
    The VI  name is "getting started". 
Evan Ge
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Have you used the instrument's manual to look up the command to set the max current? Once you have that, it should be pretty simple to add that function to the library. Look at the code for setting a voltage and use that as a template.
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     I have read through the insturment user manual. Also I can send the command:"CURR:LEV x" to set the Max Current on the NI national measurement .
     The problem is how to modify the 6610X vi driver so we can set the MAX current.
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Write a VI like shown below. Save it in the driver llb. Call it in your program. It would be different than calling any of the other functions in the driver. The example in the driver shows how to use various functions in the driver when you write your own program. It's no different than using any other existing functions in LabVIEW.
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Hi ,

       I made the vi follow your instruction. Is it made right?Thanks.


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No. You want to replace the random number generator with a numeric control so that you can specify the current. You will also have to connect the front panel controls and indicators to the VI's connector pane. If you don't do this, you can't pass values to the subVI from a higher level VI. I did this for you in the attachment.

This is pretty basic LabVIEW stuff - creating controls and making a subVI. You should really think about taking a LabVIEW basics course. There are some introductory on-line classes at

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Thanks Dennies,

                         As you said ,I'm the totally newcomer. I'll think about your suggestion, I do find the labview is a good tool for use.



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