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iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

Dear Friends:


I'm using PCI-GPIB to control the ILX LPA 9072 system( ILX company don't want to help me with it, tell me it is obsolete). I hope your guys can help:


Simply I'm using IEEE 488.2 " measurement & automation explore" control the ILX 9072. The 9072 reacts for the first command; if issue another command, the error occursSmiley SadEABO):6 . then issue new command, the 9072 reacts again. The error happens after you issues another command.


Pls see the NI.spy attachment. how can avoid it in the Visual Basic code? Thanks a lot!!!



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Re: iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

What is your timeout setting? Did you try increasing the timeout?

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Re: iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

I can't read the spy file. What version are you using?


The error message indicates it is not at all related to a timeout. The error can happen if you write a query (i.e. a command terminated by a ?) and then do not do a read but instead do another write. Or if you do a read, you do not read all the data in the transmit buffer of the instrument before doing another write. You also have to be careful to issue commands sequentially. The GPIB bus cannot do parallel commands except in special circumstances.

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Re:iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

Thanks for your reply. timeout setting is 10s; I will try use  30s later on.but,  I don't understand why it reacts first command( very fast response), then error occurs for the second command. Can I use a "feak" command insert bettween two real commands without interrupting the process?   Thanks!

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Re: iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

NI Spy version 2.5.  I hope you can open it. The machine is strange. It can handle( quick response) the first command even it is multiple orders(in parallel).

But it doesn't react to the second command... 

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Re: iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

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Re: iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

Don't do anything in parallel. GPIB just does not work that way. In fact, you may have to put delays between the writes in order to allow the instrument to finish processing one command before you send another. Your failure with the second command indicates that to me.


Did you test all of these commands in MAX first?


p.s. As I said, I don't think the answer about checking/changing the timeout setting is at all relevant to this type of error.

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Re: iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

I agree that it may not be timeout issue.

The test are done by MAX. The delay time between each write can be as long as 2 minutes, but the problem still happens; I need to issue the write twice to execute the command. Is there someway to " feak" between two writes?

( I'm using VB test timeout :10s; the same error awlay happen.I need to press the "retry" all the time to performance one test)


Some strange thing(good thing): you can issue two sequential query  without problem;   Thanks

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Re: iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

I see the timestamps now and I would expect the delay between commands to be more than sufficient.


What is 'feak'?


I'm not sure what else to try. I've used other ILX instruments but not this one. Not sure it will help but you can go into MAX and configure the bus timing for the GPIB card. It think the default is 500ns. Try increasing it.

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Re: iberr(EABO) 6 : GPIB control error

Thanks! I will try in the MAX to 2 us. If it works, how can modify it in the VB code( module: comGPIB)?

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