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i can't communicate with Yokogawa GS200 through USB in Labview 10

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Hi everyone!


Firstly my english is not good 🙂 i have a problem in labview 2010; I try control yokogawa gs200 source meter through USB in labview 2010, but labview 2010 hasn't driver device wizard and the MAX(measurment & auto..) in labview 10 not to pass older versions. i controlled same instrument on GPIB. i can't set VISA resource name, i didn't find usb drivers so i can't install them but i can't install them even if i found it. help me please 🙂



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The  LabVIEW driver is here. First though, it has to appear in MAX. For that, you need the USB driver from Yokogawa.


Don't know what you you say 'labview 2010 hasn't driver device wizard' or 'labview 10 not to pass older versions'.

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please tell me step by step, how i can set visa resource name box for usb.i downloaded drivers, but i don't know where to install. i use labview 2010.

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First, lets differentiate between the LabVIEW instrument driver and the USB windows driver. The LabVIEW driver consists of different VIs and gets installed to the instr.lib folder. This is explained on the download page. Before you can use it, you must install the windows driver (the .inf) file from the vendor. This is the driver that windows prompts you for when you plug in the USB cable. In order for the instrument to appear in MAX and be useable with LabVIEW, the windows driver must be a USBTMC type of driver. Look at windows device manager to see how windows has enumerated it. Post an image of windows device manager and/or attach the inf file you got from Yokogawa. Problems of installation should really be addressed to Yokogawa.

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now, i send it. but i have new questions 😄


* what's USBTMC?

*where is "instr.lib folder"?


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MAX does not show any Devices and Interfaces. Do you have any sort of hardware on the pc such as a com or printer port? They show up in the windows device manager and should be listed in MAX as well.


Sorry, I don't understand the device manager screen. What is the device with the question mark.


Attaching the instrument driver was a waste of time. I asked for the usb windows driver (inf file) from yokogawa. The file you attached CANNOT be used until the instrument appears in MAX and for that you need the correct driver from yokogawa as I have already said. Twice before I told you to make sure to get the windows driver from yokogawa.


USBTMC - USB Test and Measurement Class. It is a standard USB driver class that makes a USB instrument useable with VISA.


The folder is right under the main LabVIEW folder.

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i am in my home at this time. and yokogawa is in the my university laboratory. have you any free time next monday.

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Perhaps but that's not really relevant. If I don't respond, I'm sure someone else will. How did you get those screen shots if you are at home?


Did you even try to get the driver from Yokogawa? Their site requires registation which I am not inclined to do so but you should register and download what the have.

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last friday, i'm in labory.i took that screenshots last friday. previously i try only one time with USB but i'm working control with GPIB for two months. at this time i control yokogawa with gpib but i have to control with usb. next week i wii try this all week. i guess, i will have too many questions 😄 and i don't found yokogawa registration link or download link.



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I gave you the link in my very first post. The link named 'Yokogawa'.

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