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i can't communicate with Yokogawa GS200 through USB in Labview 10

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in the link has no driver, software or register. the site directly linked y-links. i search in y-links and your "yokogawa" link -usb driver gs200- keywords but found nothing.

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I just had a look at the product page. It says there that the USB connection is for mass storage and not control. What does your manual say?

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in manual page 108&109&110 for usb interface, summary

USB Interface Features


USB Storage Feature
You can access the two disks, GS200ROM and GS200RAM as external removable disks
on your PC (see section 4.4, “USB Storage Feature”).


USB-TMC Command Control Feature
You can control the GS200 by using commands from a VISA (Virtual Instrument Software
Architecture) library.
To perform USB-TMC command control, you must first install a VISA library on your PC.

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And you also need to switch the instrument to TMC mode. Did you do that?

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on the instrument, this is easy. only select this case in the menu. I wonder Is there anything else I need to do, on PC, on USB etc.(install something or new devices)

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by the way, what is the difference USB-TMC, USB usual?

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I've been telling you all along that you need to install the driver from yokogawa that defines the connection as USBTMC.


There is no such thing as 'usual UDB'. Each USB class has a different protocol that defines how the pc communicates to whatever you have at the other end of the cable. You have a HID class (Human Interface Device) for mice, keyboards. The mass storage class for thumb drives. The TMC class tries to emulate a GPIB connection as much as possible.

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First of all thank you for everything, trust me I will let you go after I ask you some questions.


This my first experience with usb connection so that I have some troubles. Can you explain me the relationship /similarity between GPIB and USBTMC? What kind of easiness can it provide me about my interface? Also I could not find the usb driver  in the yokogawa link that you gave.

I send you the parts I checked from the link that you sent in that attachment.  May be I am checking it at the wrong place. Also my computer identifies the yokogawa when I plug in but I guess I should install the driver in any condition, should I? And The yokogawa's lab wiev driver  is not available for labview 10.


 I  really need this  information , I appreciate your patience and I hope you answer this questions too. Thanks again for everything.


Note:if my guess about registration (first try picture4), i will do it tomorrow. And i try all what you say. İf i will have new problems return youJ. İ can’t do now because registration request yokogawas serial number. Yokogawa in my university room. Thanks for all.

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Accepted by asdada

First, let me say that I think I was leading you astray about the driver for USBTMC. This driver should be installed when you install NI-VISA. If you disconnect the instrument, set it for tmc, and then plug it in, see what driver that windows installs for it. You say it is recognized but need to know what it is recognized as. This would be listed in device manager. And as I already mentioned, I cannot read what you have posted but I am still curious about the device with the question mark.


I could not find anything on yokogawa's web site either.


If you really want the details on USBTMC, go to

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