Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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how to install a instrument driver in labview.

I want to add a instrument driver into labview. But i don't know how to do. I unzip the driver file and copy them into


C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.5\instr.lib with a new sub directory. labview can find this driver, but


all icons are big question mark and these vi cannot be used. Its webpage say tht  its type is IVI. and need below three software supporting:


VISA Run-time Engine 3.0
CVI Run-time Engine 7.0
IVI Compliance Package 2.1


I don't know its meaning and how to install it.  Anybody can help me about it. thanks very much.



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IVI drivers are something special. Normally an installer is added.

Which driver did you download?

greetings from the Netherlands
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thank you firstly. it is for  DC of chroma. attached it. Can you check it for me?

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Do you mean i must call functions of dll, in stead of installing the dirver, right?


thanks. I try to follow the guideline of that page, But after select that dll, dialog


notice me that the dll is not suitable to excute. 😞



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The driver does call the functions in the dll and Mathan's link to IVI-Com is not at all appropriate.


When I installed the driver, I did not get the icons either. I got a list but it was not complete. Just delete the mnu files and create it from scratch.


The IVI Compliance Package and CVI runtime can be downloaded from the 'Support' link at the top of the page.

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Hi, Dennis Knutson


How do you install that driver? Just copy files to your labview working directory, right?


"Just delete the mnu files and create it from scratch."  Should i delete mnu files and only copy other files to labview


working directory,right?



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If you are asking about the IVI Compliance Package and CVI runtime, then no, you do not copy them to the LabVIEW working folder. They have an installer that you must run. If you are talking about the instrument driver, then copying it to the instr.lib folder should be enough. It's not a supported driver though, and I think something is wrong with the mnu files. You can add VIs to your palette by following the instructions in the on-line help. Look up the topics on palettes and subpalettes.
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ok. I will try.  For IVI type driver, Can you give me a guideline link which provide install procedure?


Thank your help very much. 

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