Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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how to install a instrument driver in labview.

I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you want to know how to use the driver you downloaded or do you want to know how to use the IVI Class functions with the driver you downloaded?
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Since it is a  IVI tyep dirver, i want to know how to install this type dirver, so that i can use it. If i only copy files into labview, I am


afraid of it cannot be used.  I had tried its a example vi and cannot communication with my instrument through serial cable, but the


commnucation is ok in MAX. So I think maybe i must install it with a IVI driver before i can use it.



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No, as already mentioned, the only thing you need to install is the IVI Compliance Package.


Did not notice that you were using RS232. Did you not see the notes on the driver download page that it only supports GPIB? If you have a copy of LabWindows/CvI and if there is source code provided, you can modify the driver to work with RS-232.

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The driver on NI's web page (IDNet) doesn't seem to include LabVIEW files and it supports only the GPIB interface: 


If you have downloaded the driver from Chroma's web site, you should ask them to provide the correct LabVIEW files.


Another option would be to download and install the driver provided on IDNet and then create LabVIEW files yourself using the LabVIEW Instrument Driver Import wizard:

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Hi, Dennis.


From Ni driver page, i notice that only support GPIB, but i am not sure about it and wish it can support RS232.


From that page, only labwindows/cvi version is provided. I use LabVIEW Instrument Driver Import Wizard to


create labview driver, but it cannot communicate with device. So both driver from NI page and chroma page


have the same result. 


In MAX,*IDN?\n can get response. I create a logical name and sessions for my DC under  IVI drivers in MAX,


import dll. Then call  a and input local name as resource name, DC screen can display "RMT", it seem


that they can receive command, but at last, timeout error will report. I don't find a place to set timer and don't


know how to handler too. I must use logical name, instead of  COM1, right? very confused.


please keep on your help, very appreciated.





If i use



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HI, gagi1

Do you mean that I can use LabVIEW Instrument Driver Import Wizard to create a labview driver which can support RS232,right?

Please give me a confirmation.

Thank your very much.
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 Using the import wizard will not magically modify the dll to add serial support. The driver you posted seems to have been created with the wizard. I assumed you had done the conversion.


It's a power supply, correct? The programming for it could not be that complex. Write your own.

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HI, Dennis.


I use import wizard on driver download from ni website. I post the driver donwloaded from web.


I don't have experience about writing a dirver. 😞



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It's really not that hard. There is information on the Instrument Driver Network. As long as you have the programming manual, you should be able to create something that will communicate. You can use Hyperterminal or MAX to debug the commands and check the responses. There is also a wizard in LabVIEW that you could use. Lastly, there is the Instrument I/O Assistant.
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Hi Dennis,


ok. I will try to do it if i have time.


There are about 25 test items that i have to finish on time.  ;(


I had asked chirma for help too.  


thank your support very much.


DO you know how to get VISA resouce name in program. Just in a dropdwon list, I don't know


whether i can get USB resource name dynamically.


Maybe i should ask in another thread.






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