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how to control vt 7004 using rs232

Hi All,


We want to control Votsch VT 7004 Termal chamber using RS232

Is anyone has the VI's to control this instrument


could you suggest a way to control this through labview




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I just finished this VI for my project (it control the VTM 7004 over RS232). You should also set some parameters on the chamber's MINCONTROL : ASCII-1, BUS 1, BAUD rate 19200.


I hope this will help you







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Thanks for the help


I tried with this vi's but it seems no communication is going on


i have few doubts 


1) is the DB9-DB25 cable i made, for connecting chamber to pc, is correct? (i am attaching fig)

2) is there any difference between VTM 7004 and VT 7004 

3) in manual it is given  that ascii programming we have to send $<chamber address><command><CR> through rs-232 to get response from the chamber

but i think you are sending some other format





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Why don't you use a cable with both ends DB9. from DB9 the chamber only use pins 2,3 and 5 to communicate and I can not tell you if there is a difference or not between VTM7004 sequeence to be transmited and VT 7004. If you want send me the ASCII code from the manual.
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Problem is VT 7004 has RS232 with DB25 pin connector, so we used DB9-DB25 connector


please find attached file P101-108.pdf


last two pages contain Protocol in ASCII Fromat


could you suggest how to implement it


Thanks in advance


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I have Modfied as follows

STX as $, chamber address to 00, ETX as  <CR> as in the ASCII protocol


but i was not able to see any response from the chamber


could you suggest whether i am correct or not





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Please find the attached file for ascii protocol format for VT 7004


could anyone suggest how to proceed




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Hello All,


I have newly registered in this forum,

and i am very new to this topic also,

I wish to conrol Votsch VT 7004 (Thermal chamber) through LabView 8.6 and i have a serial interfacing RS232 (DB9)to communicate with the VT 7004(DB25). I am sending ASCII format data ( mentioned in it's data sheets) just to observe whether it is responding or not ( these VI 's i got from this forum only). no response from VT 7004. i don't have ample Data for the VT 7004 Automation tests. Anyone please help me how to communicate with this VT 7004.


Thanks in advance


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