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gpib-enet/1000 problem


We have gpib-enet/1000 convertor, however, it cannot obtain ip automatically.

It can be seen the mac addr connected to our Ethernet port, but the status is inactive.

We pressed the CFG Reset switch with about 30sec, and released, the RDY LED keeps on steady red

What's the problem?




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Have you tried re-configuring in NI-MAX? Does it show anything in NI-MAX?

Perhaps you can refer to links below to give you an idea configuring the IP address. 

GPIB-ENET/100 works in MAX but cannot reconfigure IP Address - NI Community

You can also refer to the GPIB configuration process to see if there any steps skipped.

Instrument Control in Mac OS X with GPIB: Set-up and Configuration - NI


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