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format of sending commands to the instrument

Hi everyone.

Having success with installing a AT-GPIB board and connecting an instrument through it, i got a new "dead-end".


Thing, which makes additional difficulties is that my instrument is pretty old, but luckily has a following manual)

There are such format of sending of sending the GPIB-commands and its own regimes of measurement as well:




I use an Interactive Control to try communicate with my device. As i have read in the GPIB Programming reference, i use ibrd and ibwrt (and try a "ibcmd" routine, but don't know if it is right) routines

to send commands and read results of measurement. But i succeeded only with reading data from device. Unfortunately, i can't come in with sending measurement regime instructions.


Help me please with identifying in which format i must send device instructions  programming and GPIB commands, as i can do it in different ways in interactive control:



     enter string:    <hex of commands (0x20 for example)>  


     <\ with hex (\0x20\0x30)>


     <"\hex" ("\0x20\0x40\0x8")>


     or just send ascii characters, or binary (0b001010101) or (0d1247267) - i even dont know cuz my device doesn't reacts on sending those ones.


Simply, i got "what i have to send" but don't know exactly "how i must do it" to get my device listen and execute my commands, so i'm requesting your help.


Thx in advance.




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Are you saying you write the data in hex as follows?






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