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explanation of ke6485 labview program


explanation of ke6485 labview program



I am new to LabView and i am tasked to measure current using a KE6485 Picoammeter. I tried searching the forums and discussion board and i manage to find a labview program which measured the current. 

I tried running the program, but it showed two errors.

Primary Error: Driver status: (Hex 0xBFFA0010) Invalid value for parameter or property.

Secondary Error: (Hex 0xBFFC0004) Parameter 4 out of range, or error occurred while setting Parameter 4. 


Can somebody kindly explain to me the errors and if possible, can you also explain exactly what does the LabView program does. I attached a copy of the labview program.


Thank you so much.

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Re: explanation of ke6485 labview program


can you copy the lower level vi's also? I cannot see what goes wrong without them.

Maybe the invalid property is something you try that is not available at that interface  and parameter 4 could be anything.

greetings from the Netherlands
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Re: explanation of ke6485 labview program

Hi Albert,


I copied this IV from one of the discussion board and hoping that it will work the way that i want. 

I'm new to LabView and have no programming background. I tried looking on the internet for ways to copy lower level vi, but it doesnt work on the program itself.


I'm just wondering is there any way that i can create a VI by myself for the measurement of current from external device through the use of KE6485 Picoammeter.


Thank you.


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Re: explanation of ke6485 labview program

Hi Matt_tt,


I took a look at your the code you attached and was wondering if your run arrow was broken? Or are you able to run it just fine and then it throws the error? If it's a broken run arrow and the VIs are question marks, it could be that you're missing the driver for the instrument to communicate with LabVIEW. Third party instrument drivers can be found on the NI website under or on the company's website. The driver should be for the device and for LabVIEW. 

Aulia V.
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