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dll of the instrument driver can not be loaded


i have a problem with the instrument driver am using. it is mxox802x driver which i downloaded from the instrument drivers from national instrument.

the problem that i have is that when i use this driver in using measurement studio, it keeps giving me that the dll can not be loaded !!!!!


so what should i do????? help please !!

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try to find out which dll with a dependency check in windows

greetings from the Netherlands
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i tried to search for the dll, it is mxox802x_32.dll, and i didn't find any thing related to it. i even trid  to create the dll form the .fp file in labwindows/cvi 

and also had no luck to add it as a reference as it is not a com dll.

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Can you give the page where you downloaded this driver, I seem to overlook the page.

greetings from the Netherlands
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did you follow this article

greetings from the Netherlands
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Yes i did exactly the same

with no luck at all

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Hi Ala Ayesh,


I tried out the instrument driver and could get it to load into Measurement Studio.


I used the following steps:


Downloaded the driver

Opened a new NI Windows Application (from the Measurement Studio project types).

Right clicked on the project (in the Project Explorer) and selected "Add New Item".

Selected "NI Instrument Driver"

Selected the fp file of the instrument driver and left all the settings default.

I get a generated vb or cs file with a class for the instrument driver.



From here I can go into the main vb or cs function and reference the instrument driver and build it just fine.


Where exactly is the error coming from? (a screenshot would be helpful)


Thank you!

Chris T.
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Thanks Mr.Christopher


i did exactly the same as you did.

the file attached shows a screen shot for the error .


thank you a lot again 

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Hi Ala Ayesh,


You're going to have to compile the C code into a dll so that the .NET wrapper can reference it, then place it into the folder with your build. I placed it in the bin/debug folder of my build.


Hope this helps!

Chris T.
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