Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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dll of the instrument driver can not be loaded



Do you mean that i had to create a win32 console application and add the .c and .h files and then run the project???




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Hi Ala Ayesh,


The instrument driver is in C, you will need a C compiler to compile the mxox802x.c (not the mxox802xu).


Then have that DLL placed in the same folder.


Hope this helps!

Chris T.
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Dear Mr.Christopher,


thanks am sorry to bother you a lot.


but can you give me a name of a c compiler to use, because i tried many ways to convert a .c file to a dll with no luck at all

i appreciate your help


thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Ala Ayesh


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Hi Ala Ayesh,


I used LabWindows/CVI to compile the dll, make sure that you are only compiling the mxox802x.c and not the mxox802u.c (This references CVI specific functions).


Hopes this helps!

Chris T.
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Hello again,

i still have the problem but now with an error message of 

"can not find entry point "mxox802x_init" in mxox802x_32.dll"


i read that it is related to dllexport because it is a c dll and am trying to reference it in vb????????

did you get some thing like that?????



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Dear Mr.Christopher,


sorry to bother you again

it seems we are going toward a solution but the problem now is that it says there are no entry point in the dll and i think it is related to the created dll using labwindows/cvi

because when i created the dll it says dll with no exports won't have imports and so i can't import the dll functions on my application.\


so do you know a solution for that ???


please help

looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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i fixed the previous problem with an article i found here on the website, i created the dll along with its library added them to bin/debug folder.

and now i have another error message saying the following:


Error interpreting the instrument's response


so what does that mean??? and what is the problem now ???


please help.



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Hi Ala Ayesh,


Can you take a screenshot of the error? 




Chris T.
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Hello Mr.Christopher,


i can send the screen shot tomorrow because am at home now but the error occurs due to the following line of code:


Dim myScope as new mxox802x ("GPIB::30",true,true)


some times it gives me "interpreting instrument response" error

or "Time out" error


sorry to bother you.



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Dear Mr.Chirstopher,


here is the screen shot for the error that i have got.


thanks for your help.


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