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cwinstr.ocx license


I am developping an application on delphi 4, and I am using cwserial.ocx to access my rs232 to usb card.

But at runtime, a pop up appears saying i am using an evaluation copy of this activeX and that it wiull work for only 5 min.

What is strange is that i previously installed components works 2.0 which contains the said "cwinstr.ocx".

I tried to run the license fixer, but cwinst?ocx doesn't appears in the list of revertable license.

Do you have any idea how to fix this?

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I tried to uninstall, then reinstall the .ocx, it didn't change anything, I still got that pop up that says that I am in "evaluation only" mode.

I tried to uninstall measurement studio 2.0 then copy cwinstr.ocx to /system32 the register manually the ocx, but the problem still occured.

Anyone has an idea?

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Could you please tell me what is your OS,what are the version of drivers you use on the computer and what are the version of software you use (LV, etc)?


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I am using Borland delphi 4 on windows XP sp3, with cwinst.ocx version that I found on the "component works 2.0" CD.

When I start my program, a pop up tells me it will work for only 5 mins. But i ran the program for the whole week end, and it worked fine, not only 5 min...

So it's ok, but this pop up is still annoying.



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Well, I discovered something today :

At the start of my program, if I don't close the pop up that says my library is on "evaluation" mode, the program can run forever. And that's what I was doing till today.

But If I close it, a problem occurs : a click on every button of the HMI gives an exception, and the program finally crashs.

So it seems the 5 minutes warning of the evaluation mode pop up are taken into account if you close the pop up...

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