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controlling current output of Lightwave LDX-3207



    I want to use the vi to controll the output of my Lightwave LDX-3207.

    But, when I set my parameter ( current 10mA or 1mA), the output is always 0. 

I don't know what's wrong with that. Can you help me?



The driver is for 3210, but I think is works for 3207 also.


Thank you,



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That driver will not work with that instrument  the 3210 is a SCPI style message format the 3207 uses an archaic memonic based message format



(They used to do that way way back when it was common to run at 300 BUAD so the more modern *IDN?\r query and "ILX Lightwave,LDX-3210\r" response would take over a whole second )  Things got faster and easier over the last 5 decades.  Of course the 1986 date on the manual shows Lightwave was behind the times.  Perhaps that is why the device has been obsoleted and is no longer sold by the mfg.  Since November 1998! Smiley Surprised Are you sure you want to use that equipment?


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Thank you.


If I have a Newport / ILX Lightwave LDC-3724 Laser Diode Controller, but I can not find its Labview driver. Can I use the LDC-37X4C LabVIEW Driver Version 1.0?




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No you cannot.  You'll need to build your own driver using the command syntax in the manual I Linked to in my last post.  

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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