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controlling Tektronix MSO 2014 oscilloscope with LABVIEW

Hi guys,


I want to controll/interface Tektronix MSO 2014 mixed signal oscilloscope from LABVIEW so that i can execute command changes for various parametrs like duty cycle and current/voltage values, as its an optical system with use of lasers so its highly undesired to do it manually(by hand) again and again while disturbing the isolation for the wholse system.

kindly help.

Thanking you all in anticipation




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You haven't said exactly what you need help with. Installing the instrument driver is simply done from the help menu?
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thanks for the prompt reply, I actually want to get hold of the driver, which driver i need to use/install to get this done,

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Try going here (Tektronix MSO2014) on the Instrument Driver Network (IDN).

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Just look at your help menu. See ' Find Instrument Driver'? Use it.
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