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control multiple APGDT001 from one Vi simultaneously



I'm using a Lin Serial Analyser (APGDT001) to control a device via LIN Protocol. I implement control in Labview 2017 calling PICkits.dll as a NET constructor. This works fine for a single device. Then I connected a second identical device with a second APGDT001 to another USB Port. In this way I can control either one or another device from the same Labview. To do this I just switch USBindex from 0 to 1 when I call function Basic.Initialize_MyDevice(ProductID,USBIndex).


What I'm looking for is the way to control both these Devices simultaneously from the same Vi in the same timed loop if possible. If I try that, then one device gets configured for LIN the other one not, although both of them are initialized. Just saving dll file with another name and call it from constructor didn't help. I guess both dlls finally try to access the same device driver, if there is any.


Does anybody have an idea if this can work at all and how? 


Would appreciate any answer!

Thanks in advance, Katja


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Hello, emoehr

I am attaching a link with similar question and answer but for 4 devices. That discussion will for sure help you.


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