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connect a stm32f401 board

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HI, i'm a beginner, i have a Stm32f401 nucleo board connected to my pc with a USB cable type A to mini-B, can i comunicate with this board with LabView?

can i read in LabView signals from this board? (like the pressure of the button that i have on my board, and can i count it?)

have i to install some drivers,  or something else ?

THanks for the attention.  

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Yes, you need a driver for it. Windows would have prompted you for one when you plugged it in. If you installed one, how does it appear in Device Manager? The simplest easy to connect would be to install a virtual com port for it.
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unfortunately there is not a special LabVIEW driver for this ST board.

Anyway, if you just need to read informations like the counting of the button and you want to send command to the board, you could connect the board via serial port to the PC and with LabVIEW you could read the boolean value on the port. This is done using VISA driver, which allows you to communicate with third parts components using LabVIEW.


Hope my answer will help you.



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Thanks you all for the answer,

i found the Stm32f401 drivers on the internet and i have installed them. now my question is, how can i find the inputs from my board on Labview? 

if i put on the block diagram a 'VISA read' block, why in my front panel i don't see anything (red arrow in the image)? what have i to do to see and acquire the input from my board on Labview? 

Thanks you very much again. RegardsImmagine.png

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You have to install NI-VISA in order to use it.
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Hi Davide,


as you can see in MAX you don't have NI VISA installed. In order to use it, you have to install it first.

This link can help you.



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thank you very much for the help.

Regards and have a nice day. 

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