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communication with agilent 33522A

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Hello everyone,

Please anyone can help me communicate with my instrument named below (agilent 33522A)

what do I need exactly (drivers, hardware) please

thanks 🙂

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The driver you will need can be found at the link below.


To determine exactly what you need we will need more information. What are you intending to use the instrument for? Are you using it with LabVIEW? What version? What other hardware are you using? What your overall goal for the system?




Aaron Douglass
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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He has another post about this.  He conveniently decided to ignore everything that was posted there.



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Hello 🙂

I am a student-engineer , I am currently an intern i  Sagemcom.

I'm using labview for the first time and no one here seems to be able to help. I'm using labview 2015 to control agilent 33522A and Agilent 53131A.

(trying to create a calibration system). I am using a GPIB cable between the two instruments and an Usb gpib cable between intrument and computer (labview)

here is a picture of what my system looks like



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You can communicate with these instruments via the NI-VISA driver. The latest version is linked below.



Aaron Douglass
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Yes I've already downloaded that driver thank you so much.

I have also installed a GPIB driver of keysight "keysight connection expert" it recognised my instruments.

Now when I open the window "measurement & automation explorer" I cant find my GPIB in "périphériques et interfaces"

Do I have any idea what's wrong?

thank you for your time


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Accepted by topic author Mjackson5

Here is a KnowledgeBase article that will help with troubleshooting your GPIB communication issue. Have you seen this before?





Aaron Douglass
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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