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code stopped working once in sequence

We are controlling a LabSmith HV power supply in LabView using drivers from the manufacturer. We are trying to make injections by alternating between a floating and an applied voltage on channel D. In an earlier design we achieved this using a case structure and elapsed time VIs. However, our previous code was not serial and caused problems. We have transferred the code to a sequence to force serial commands, and in general this is working much better. We are having one problem though. We would like to have the option of manually injecting (by floating the voltage on Channel D) or having these injections occur with a regular period. Both methods worked in our earlier design (v07) using a case structure and elapsed time VIs. The same structure, however, is not working in our new version (v10). The single injection, when the upper case structure in the last frame is true, works great. However, when this is false, the program appears to execute the false case of the lower left case structure almost all the time, and only very briefly and regularly flips to the true command. We aren't sure why this code, which worked in our last version, does not work now, and we would be very grateful for feedback. Thank you!



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Sorry, we weren't sure if, having accepted the fomer reply as a solution, we should start a new thread.

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