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checking if a device gets disconnected

Assuming multiple devices were opened successfully using ibdev, what would be the best method to check if a device get disconnected or goes offline?   I was thinking of just having a timer that would call FindAllListeners and comparing it with the list of successfully opened devices.  Or would a serial poll be a better solution?  Each device would get serial polled say every second.
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Why are you so serious about someone switching off a device or disconnecting it?

Each second is very short, what are you expecting?
greetings from the Netherlands
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Hello sny:

Thank you for contacting National Instruments. Have you tried opening NI-SPY and then doing a scan for instruments in Measurement & Automation. NI-SPY will list all the commands being sent to check which devices are present, you can use those commands if you choose to.

Roland A.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

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