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cannot communicate with tektronix AFG 2021

Hi All,

I hope this is the correct forum to post this.


I have an AFG 2021 that cannot be seen by MAX v18, on Windows 7.  I have 2 other BK precision instruments that I can communicate with.


When I do reboot the PC, I do see a Tektronix USB address pop up on the lower right corner of the desktop.


I am trying to communicate with the AFG 2021 via USB. No other options (Ethernet, or GPIB) are available on this particular model.

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Is the USB device visible in Window's device manager? Have you installed any drivers for this hardware? Is this issue localized to this device and computer, or are other combinations having the same issue? 

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Thanks Octavio.  Your post gave me other ideas to try and I have resolved my problem.


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