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can't communicate with my LA-100 syring pump using RS-232

Hallo everyone,


i have a big problem in communicating with my LA-100 syring pump(it is a german brand,but almost same like other syring pump). I use a USB/RS232 conventor and RS232/RJ11 to connect the computer and the pump. I build a very typical VISA  structure,  but it doesn't work.

(Baud rate is 9600)


1.  " A triangle appears in the upper left corner of the LCD display after the pump has receivedvalid communications "  according to this from manual, it should work, because i see the triangle.  But when i send 0DIA<cr>, 0 means adress of the pump, DIA means diameter of the syring, <cr> is the termination character.  In the read buffer , i get   0DIA    back, without any error, that really confuses me.  I also send other command, just nothing happens, no error,  and always give the same commando back, which i sended.


2. In manual 10.2.2, i see the Command syntax to pump is : <command data ><CR>  , command syntax from pump is: <STX><response data><ETX>, i don't know, if hier can any problem appears in my VI. (from 10 begin the RS232 communication in manual)


I also asked the manufactory, they means it should be right with my VI and send me again the same manual , which i already have........

I struggle against this problem for already one week, i have read  in NI community maybe more than 100 posts about  syring pump,  but can't find someone, who has same problem like me. 


I would really appreciate it, if anyone can help me.







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Just a wild guess::

Can you measure the voltages from the usb/rs232 connector?

If these are 5v or even 3.3 volt your usb/rs332 connector is meant for a low voltage where real converters should have 12v.


greetings from the Netherlands
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Forget about LabVIEW for the moment.


Use a terminal program like TeraTerm or RealTerm and get to the point where you are able to query the instrument and get a response.

I would chose VER query as the best place to start.






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Hallo everyone,


i haven't solved my problem yet, but i think the cable maybe not the right one, so i buy some cable and wait for it. When  i solve the problem, i will put my experience hier. Thanks everybody!


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