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cRIO VISA port forwarding to Windows

Hello everybody,


I am using a cRIO 9063 within the default software (no special customization). The NI VISA server is running on the cRIO.


When running Labview or NI MAX at the host computer, I have serial VISA access to the cRio-Built in RS232 at visa://xx.xx.xx.xx/ASRL1::INSTR 

RS232 Loop Back Test with NI MAX or Labview workes fine.


Now I need this VISA source (visa://xx.xx.xx.xx/ASRL1::INSTR) as comport at my Windows Device Manager, because I have a Windows 3rd party software that is only supporting the Windows RS232 Comport.


This there any solution, that a forwarded cRIO VISA source can be made availibe at the Windows Device Manager and so accessable for any other software?


Best Regards


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Hello Christian,


          To my knowledge, this is still not possible. If you want to be able to use that third party app , I was thinking about a workaround for you: since the cRIO 9063 has 2 USB ports, consider installing an USB to Serial interface. There are plenty of low-cost devices of this type on the market, however the process of installing such a periferal is not easiest - basically you need some Linux knowledge - and cannot be guaranteed. Still, it might be worth a shot. Consider this forum discussion as a reference:

 - cRIO 9067 to recongnize SiLabs USB RS232


The other option would be to acquire a Cseries - it might be an easier way to extend your system with as many serial ports as needed.


I hope this helps.

Sincerely yours,






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