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Wiring diagram humidity sensor HIH 4030 and NI-9201

I measured relative humidity using HIH 4031-003 in collaboration with NI-9201. This sensor has 3 pins, namely (+) supply Voltage 5Volt, Voltage out (to channel 1 on NI-9201), and (-). I have problems with the output measurement results in the form of fluctuating voltage values such as noise. Is the wiring diagram that I made correct?


What is the solution to my problem?


Thank you.

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Wiring looks correct, what does the output signal look like?

I think this sensor is sensitive to light from what I saw on a spec sheet, try putting something over to block the light.



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it, is the datasheet of the sensor, and the graph of the voltage output.





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Try putting a 100Kohm resistor between the OUT and -Ve (Spec sheet shows a minimum load of 80kohm). I am wondering if the 1Mohm input impedance of the 9201 is causing issues.



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I already using 80 kohm, next i will try with 100 kohm. Thank you

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