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Win16 application using GPIB-USB-B on Win98/WinME

I have the GPIB-USB-B product and in the past I have successfully wrote Win32 application using the NI 488.2 version 2 software library.

Long story short, currently I am looking at using GPIB-USB-B to work with our Win16 application.
I am having problem because using the NI 488.2 version 2, the Win16 application only work on WinXP/Windows 2000.
I need it to work on Win98/Win ME.
The Readme in the CD mention about using previous version of NI 488.2.

Can you help me, how can I make a Win16 application using GPIB-USB-B that works on Win98/WinME?

I will appreciate the help.

Thank you.

David Hadiprijanto
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Due to some of the thunking limitations of Windows 98/Me we were unable to provide support for Win16 applications. Basically, the limitation is that you cannot spawn a thread in the context of a thunk.

You may be able to work around this by creating a separate 32-bit executable that handles the NI-488.2 communication and then passes this information back to the 16-bit application. Hope this helps you out.

Craig A.
National Instruments Engineer
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Thank you for the answer. It helps a lot. I was thinking of creating a separate 32-bit exec too but was wondering if there was a better and easier way. Your answer increases my confidence that it is probably the way to go now.

Thank you for the quick response, NI support is superb as always in my experience.

David Hadiprijanto
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