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Will NI release a .NET Standard version of the NI-VISA .NET library?

I am in general very interested to know of NI's plans to move it's .NET DLLs to .NET Standard such that the DLLs can be run both under .NET Framework and .NET 5 (this is the new name for .NET Core).


I am in particular interested in NI-VISA, since that would be a huge start and seems like it should be the easiest to port. What this would enable is a huge step forward in being able to use other languages with NI hardware. For example, with a .NET Standard NI-VISA DLL, one could use C# or F# on a cRIO running NI Linux Real-Time.


Even better if LabVIEW could call .NET Standard DLLs on Linux.


What NI's strategy to support .NET Standard DLLs and thus .NET 5? This includes releasing .NET Standard DLLs and updating LabVIEW to be able to call and build .NET Standard DLLs.

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