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Why does gpib-32.dll crash after upgrading to NI-VISA version 2.5 from 1.7?

We are using GPIB-PCI card and it came with the ancient CD "NI GPIB 488" driver version 1.7.  The measurement and automation version is 1.7.  We specifically use the "gpib-32.dll" to do your basic ibwrt, ibonl, GPIB communication in Visual Basic 6.

Once I immediately upgraded to NI VISA 488 version 2.5 CD, our program crashes saying that a problem occured with gpib-32.dll ??  When we reverted back to version 1.7, all was okay in Visual Basic 6.  The new CD version 2.5 also came along with our hardware GPIB-PCI card.  


So can someone tell us why the software is crashing with gpib-32.dll ?  When we tried to replace teh gpib-32.dll from version 1.7, this also did not solve the problem.

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NI-VISA has nothing to do with this. There is no version 2.5 of NI-VISA. It is NI-488.2 that you are trying to install and the latest version is 2.7.3. Version 2.5 has not been "new" for a while.


I would suggest a complete uninstall of the old version first instead of trying an update. Then, test communication with the instruments in MAX.

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If you are making direct calls into the gpib-32.dll, the functions in the dll may have changed from 1.7 to version 2.5.  I would recommend stepping through your program...finding the exact NI-488.2 calls that are causing the problem and then you should see if the function was depricated or changed.


Also, since you are upgrading your driver, you should re-compile your program with the new driver. 



Steven T.

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