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When measuring forces from a Kistler unit together with a Thermocouple all hooked up to a BNC-2120 my temp signal following one of the forces, please help will do a job this Tuesday

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I have two Kistler units and all gives the same result, I use some old Amplifiers Type 5001 have also tested 2 different amps still same probleme.

So now why is my temp signal so senitive and seems to be hook to one of the force channels?


Thanks a lot!

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Accepted by topic author Zguljo

very small signals tend to do this. A part of the loading on the amplifier is still present.

So reading the small signals before the big ones or adding a zero volt signal inbetween will help.

good luck

greetings from the Netherlands
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Thanks a lot, I rearranged my signals so now I read the small signal (Thermocouple) first and then my Voltage channels from the Kistler Amplifier.

Now there is no interferance in the temp. signal.


You saved my day 🙂


Greetings from Sweden

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