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What is needed to calibrate PXI modules using METCAL?



We have our own calibration Lab in the Co. and we used to use METCAL to calibrate our instrument via GBIP. Nowadays, we get to use NI PXI modules and we decided to calibrate those modules internally.


What do we need (SW & HW) to calibrate the PXI modules such as PXI4070, PXI4060, PXI 5402, PXI4110 and other instrument using METCAL if possible?


Thanks & Regards

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Hi Eng. Salm...,

Thank you for posting on the National Instruments forum.

Here is a knowledge base article on how to calibrate your National Instruments PXI equipment.

I'm not familiar with METCAL.  Are you talking about Metrology Calibration or is it something else.  Please let me know if you need more information than what is available in the links on the Knowlegebase.

Thank You,

Nick F.
Applications Engineer
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Dear Nick,

First, thank you very much for your fast response.

And yes we mean calibration as metrology, but its In-house Calibration (captured calibration), its comply with ISO 10012.

Second, the link you have post does not work could you please make sure that its the correct link?


Thanks and Regards



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Hi Eng. Salm...,

Here is the correct link:

How Do I Calibrate my National Instruments Hardware?
Thank You,

Nick F.
Applications Engineer
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Thank You NICK Smiley Happy


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