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Watlow F4 with GPIB connection

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I have a chamber that uses Watlow F4 controller with GPIB connection. I would like to control it by sending a recipe from Labview. I found this driver on NI website :

Not 100% sure it is the right driver


I plan to use a GPIB to USB converter. If anyone has a VI template that I could start off that would be awesome. 


Many Thanks


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That looks like the right driver.  Since it uses VISA, you should be able to use Serial or GPIB without having to change anything.  There should be an example in that driver as well that you could use as a starting point.

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Already mentioned the example in the driver -

Why post the exact same question? Didn't you look at the example?
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I found it. Its GPIB with VISA.VI and Simple GPIB.VI. I will start off from there. 


Thank you so much

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No, you should have an instrument specific example.
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