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Watlow EZ-ZONE PM Communication


I am trying to communicate Watlow EZ-ZONE PM Temperature controller with Labview 2011. 

The Watlow official website provides the labview driver. However, it only provides the simple read and write function.

What I try to set up is a temperature profile program ( specified temperature ramp/ time). The parameter ID for the profile program are on the manuel, but I don't know how to integrate them into their dirver VI.

I am wondering if there is anyone has the similar experience.


Thank you

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Hi cschusheng,


In the manual that I found I see that the parameter ID is specified and has a unique value to perform a certain task. The VIs that are found in the Literature and Downloads tab in this page seem to be the ones you refer that give you the basic reading and writing functions as you pointed out, but I'm still not sure what do you mean by how to "integrate them into their driver VI".

Daniel REDS
RF Systems Engineer

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It's pretty simple to use the built in LabVIEW functions to create a profile. For example, you can create a cluster array with one element in the cluster being a setpoint and the other a duration.

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I am fully understand your question as i am having the same problem.

I am not sure how to use the parameter ID to do more things on the controllers.

For example, if i want to set a new set point on the controller using Watlow privided LabVIEW drivers, what should i do.

Or to be more precisely, how to use the example VI to set the set point.


I hope you have already find the way of doing it. Maybe you can share your opinion here with me.

Thanks so much in advance Smiley Happy


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Greetings! I have exactly the same issue for my experiment. I need to drop down the temperature (at set point) from initial/starting temperature when a certain condition has reached out but I cannot do it automatically. I added a case structure for this but still I need to click/press manually on the write value button (i.e. the consumer loop) to get the set point temperature. I deleted the write event from the consumer loop but still no changing. 

Did you have any progress regarding this issue? If so I will highly appreciate your suggestions.  

Thank you. Looking forward to hear you.



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