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Visa Resource name does not list anything



I recently installed a Agilent 82357B GPIB and along with it I also installed Agilent IO 16.3. This GPIB is hooked up to a power supply. I am able to find and query the device in MAX and Agilent IO, but when I use the Visa Resource Name control in a VI, it does not list anything. Before I used to see LPT1 and COM1, but now even they have disappeared. All these are present in Device Manager. Even VISA interactive control throw an error. Attached are screenshots for some reference.







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Hi there,


You might want to read this post about the specific error.


Also you need to make sure the right class is slected for the visa resource (right click):




Hope that helps, regards W


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Hi W,


Ok, I found the issue but unfortunately it does not solve my problem. When I diable NI-VISA Passport for Tulip I see my COM ports when I use the Visa Resurce name. But I need Ni-VISA Passport for Tulip to be enabled to use the Agilent 82357B GPIB. I see that it is some kind of a passport conflict issue, but any thoughts on how to fix it.





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By default the Tulip passport is disabled, so I've enabled it (via MAX) to see wheter it affects the COMports from showing, but on my system I did not see the effect (WIN XP, LabVIEW 2009 SP1 32bit).


Don't know if this would be of any help.


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I got the same problem with you right now. Any clues?

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What exactly is the same problem? Are you experiencing the same error code, is it missing in MAX? What hardware are you trying to use VISA to connect to?


Some places to start troubleshooting is your version of VISA driver you are using, do you have NI VISA enabled as your primary driver? What aboout setting you VISA class?

Aaron L.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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