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Visa Question - Embedded controller Swap HP/Agilent to NI, can I continue to use HP-VISA

Due to HP/Agilent dropping out of the market for supplying VXI Embedded controllers we have had to purchase an NI part as a replacment (VXIpc-770).

My problem is that all of the Software configuration documentation we have produced refers to installing the HP Visa from the HP I/O Libraries CD-ROM.

If I install this S/W onto the NI PC is it going to work or is it just going to corrupt the NI Pre-installed setup.

I also use the HP SURM utility when the Labview application runs to ensure that all the connected H/W devices are configured correctly.

This is a new build of a piece of test equipment we have already deliverd 13-off, so I really don't want to change all of the supporting documentation due having to use NI-VISA, if HP-VISA is going to be O.K.
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Hi Scott,

What are you using the HP-VISA library for? If you are using this to communicate with HP devices in the VXI system across the VXI bus, then you need to carry on using HP-VISA. If you are trying to use the GPIB interface on the controller then you can always try this with HP-VISA, however we would recommend that you use NI-VISA in this case.

I hope this information is helpful to you, if you have further questions please post back

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National Instruments
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